Who We Are

Our community is made up of countless intersecting individuals and groups who are exploring the practices and teachings of relational Dhamma.

The Insight Dialogue Community Teachers’ Council and Guiding Sangha share leadership for the development and nourishment of a cohesive worldwide learning community.

Teachers’ Council

The Teachers’ Council is a group of Insight Dialogue teachers who ensure the integrity of the teachings and provide spiritual guidance to the Insight Dialogue community. Their mission is to deepen, transmit and live a whole life Dhamma with an emphasis on relational practices and perspective, and to serve teachers in training and communities of practice by nourishing them with guidance and care.

Teacher Council members, January 2017, left to right: Mary Burns, Janet Surrey, Phyllis Hicks, and Gregory Kramer.

Guiding Sangha

The Guiding Sangha is a group of devoted practitioners who are responsible for realizing the vision of Insight Dialogue Community as a sangha dedicated to relational Dhamma. They steward and direct resources to advance priorities that are jointly held by the Teachers’ Council, and coordinate the efforts of working groups. The Guiding Sangha is committed to their worldly work as an uncompromised part of their path of practice.

Guiding Sangha members, March 2017, left to right: Fred Sly (now resigned), Anita Bermont, Jean Wu, Mary Burns, Lucy Leu, Gregory Kramer, Lori Ebert, Michele Zukerberg, and Dow Gordon.

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