Accessibility of Insight Dialogue

Gregory Kramer describes how Insight Dialogue is accessible for meditators and non -meditators alike and can serve as a pathway for people to encounter a felt sense of what is like to be with others and be with oneself in awareness and receptivity.

Aggregates Series

Gregory offered a dharma talk on the Five Aggregates earlier this year, leading off with a guided meditation on the first aggregate which some practitioners found to be especially beneficial. He has since been asked to expand on that Dhamma talk, and to include a guided meditation for each of the aggregates. There are five […]

Cultivating Mindfulness in Relationship

While ID is an accessible practice that brings important resources to therapist training and the development of the therapeutic relation- ship, it remains deeply rooted in the larger context of Buddhism. This larger context also has important contributions to make to the practice of therapy. At the simplest level, Buddhism can be considered as a sophisticated psychology, tested over millennia. We give some attention to how this ancient psychology can extend, deepen, and clarify the con- temporary secular and Western understandings of mindfulness.

A clear impression of ID practice will lay the foundation for considering how this new practice can enhance the quality of the therapist–client relationship.

Dependent Origination Series

This is a six video series of Insight Dialogue-based teachings Gregory Kramer offered to Metta Programs‘ guiding sangha, staff, and core volunteers on dependent origination (paticca samuppāda) understood in a relational context. Some audiences may find this material to be more engaging if they familiarize themselves with the 12 links of dependent origination and their […]

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