Dependent Origination Series

This is a six video series of Insight Dialogue-based teachings Gregory Kramer offered to Metta Programs‘ guiding sangha, staff, and core volunteers on dependent origination (paticca samuppāda) understood in a relational context. Some audiences may find this material to be more engaging if they familiarize themselves with the 12 links of dependent origination and their […]

Dhamma Map: One

Dhamma Map with Gregory Kramer. Video and audio recordings and Powerpoint slides from the first session and guidance from Gregory. Recorded on February 10, 2019 Gregory wrote up some guidance that will help you sustain and deepen the inquiry invited by a holographic view of these teachings. Dhamma Map one guidance DHAMMA MAP ONE powerpoint slides […]

Dhamma Map: Three

Dhamma Map with Gregory Kramer. Video and Powerpoint slides from the third session. Recorded on April 28, 2019 DHAMMA MAP Three powerpoint slides  

Dhamma Map: Two

Dhamma Map with Gregory Kramer. Video and audio recordings and Powerpoint slides from the second session. Recorded on March 24, 2019 DHAMMA MAP TWO powerpoint slides  

Dharma Contemplation: Soaking ourselves in the words of the Buddha

Dharma Contemplation: Soaking ourselves in the words of the Buddha   Written by Gregory Kramer   As interest in Buddhist teachings becomes more mainstream, many people are beginning to feel a yearning for encounters with the Dhamma that are as close as possible to the source, possibly less colored by contemporary interpretations or emphases. While […]

Dharma Contemplation: Meditating Together with Wisdom Texts

Dharma Contemplation is both a reading practice and a meditation practice. As a reading practice, it brings the discipline and techniques of meditation to the task of understanding a text and embracing the wisdom it offers. As a meditation practice, it takes the process of reading as the object of contemplation for the heart-mind. Both the words and the wisdom to which they point help focus the mind, supporting calm awareness and the recognition and release of reactions. Dharma Contemplation cultivates intimacy with the text and with moment-to-moment experience.

Four Doorways to Speaking and Listening

In this talk, Gregory Kramer describes how to bring listening and speaking into meditation while maintaining the integrity of practice. The four doorways of listening and speaking are: 1) mindful versus habitual speech; 2) relationship; 2) psychotherapy; and, 4) the meditative. Speech comes from and the development of a capacity for the auditory system to perceive. Through the enlightenment factors and the capacity to reside in loving kindness receptivity, meditators share the intimacy of the moment. Recorded in Kansas City, Missouri in May 2011.

Gratification, Danger and Escape

This series of teachings were offered by Gregory Kramer at an Insight Dialogue Retreat held in Barre, Massachusetts in October, 2015. The theme of this retreat is the Buddhist teachings on Gratification, Danger and Escape. These teachings were offered in person to retreatants. They have been collected and annotated to facilitate their use for study […]

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