Gratification, Danger and Escape


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This series of teachings were offered by Gregory Kramer at an Insight Dialogue Retreat held in Barre, Massachusetts in October, 2015. The theme of this retreat is the Buddhist teachings on Gratification, Danger and Escape.

These teachings were offered in person to retreatants. They have been collected and annotated to facilitate their use for study by individuals or groups. The transcriptions have been left unedited so the reader can “hear” the language of the teacher. Each talk includes a title, the type of talk or teaching, a list of key words, the length of the audio file, a brief summary of the content and selected quotations. Contemplations posed during the session will be listed. You will also find links to the audio file and to the transcribed text.

This retreat is focused around the Buddha’s teachings on gratification, danger and escape. We begin by discovering and getting to know gratification. Gratification is most easily recognized through sense pleasures. Whether it is a crisp apple or a gentle touch, the mind grasps at pleasure and there is gratification. Danger arises as soon as we cling to the pleasure and begin to feel its loss. Escape from the endless cycles of grasping and fear is the Eight–Fold Path, which leads to release and liberation.

The early talks introduce the Insight Dialogue guidelines, Pause, Relax, and Open. These initial talks provide an opportunity for ‘settling in.’ Subsequently, the guidelines of Trust Emergence, Listen Deeply and Speak the Truth are introduced while we investigate Gratification, Danger and Escape.

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