Liberated through Sense Contact – Part 2

In this second part of the talk on Liberated through Sense Contact, Phyllis Hicks describes how we keep it real by being here now with what is here now. By bringing presence to the difficulty and knowing the reactivity, the mind grows bright and we can know what it is to be caught. We are cultivating a path that leads to the cessation of suffering.

Relating to Experience

Gregory Kramer speaks about relating to experience . Recorded in Eire, Tulloch during 7-day open retreat co-taught with Anne Michel. June 2010.

Sensitive Humans

Gregory Kramer speaks about the sensitivity of humans. Recorded in Eire, Tulloch during 7-day open retreat co-taught with Anne Michel. June 2010.

Speech Is Action

In this talk, Gregory Kramer looks at speech as a world-forming action. In the Hindu and Abrahamic traditions, all things take birth in the Word. In the Buddhist tradition we have consciousness taking rise based upon volitional formations. Action, perception, and wisdom are explored as they relate to language. Recorded at the Cascadia Retreat in 2013.

The Four Noble Truths

Gregory Kramer offers a straightforward talk explaining the Four Noble Truths. The listener is invited to look closely and see the sensitivity of the body-mind, and when looking at it, begin to recognize the pain of grasping and how this leads to the possibility of something different. Is it possible for us to watch the process of the mind building our sense self so that we cease to believe it every time it speaks?

The Holy Life

Gregory Kramer offers a talk on the Holy Life. Recorded in September 2010 in BC, Canada.

The Sensitive Human

In this talk, Gregory Kramer opens doors to a relational understanding of the human experience, of Dhamma, creating a welcoming environment for Insight Dialogue. Recorded in March 2013, Newton, Massachusetts.

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