Dharma Contemplation: Meditating Together with Wisdom Texts

Dharma Contemplation is both a reading practice and a meditation practice. As a reading practice, it brings the discipline and techniques of meditation to the task of understanding a text and embracing the wisdom it offers. As a meditation practice, it takes the process of reading as the object of contemplation for the heart-mind. Both the words and the wisdom to which they point help focus the mind, supporting calm awareness and the recognition and release of reactions. Dharma Contemplation cultivates intimacy with the text and with moment-to-moment experience.

Living Spark of Wisdom

This short, guided practice with Gregory Kramer offers a sense of motivation that moves the heart, mind and body toward wisdom. Practice partners are invited to use all of the ID guidelines to voice the wisdom already alive, and to receive by listening deeply, the common, shared, human experience of knowing clarity of wisdom now.

Pain and Pleasure Guided Practice

In this guided practice session with Gregory Kramer and Mary Burns, the Insight Guidelines of Pause and Relax are practiced through contemplating bodily pain and pleasure. The question, “what is present now and how are you meeting it now?” becomes the refrain throughout the teaching. Is there resistance, grasping, fear? There is also an opportunity for walking meditation midway through the audio. The second half includes bringing awareness to the impact of having another present while practicing with bodily pain or pleasure. Bells throughout offer the structure for utilizing this audio in practice groups. Recorded at the Cascadia retreat in May 2013.

Values And Pitfalls Of “Already Here”

This contemplation begins with meditation instructions for calming the mind, settling in the moment, pause and relax, is accompanied with bells, and may be useful in supporting group practice. Recorded by Phyllis Hicks and Gregory Kramer in Holland, September 2012.

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