Awareness and Release

Gregory Kramer offers a talk about awareness and release. Recorded in BC, Canada in September 2010.

Awareness Releases the Knot

Gregory Kramer speaks about how awareness releases the knot. Recorded in Eire, Tulloch during 7-day open retreat co-taught with Anne Michel. June 2010.

Balance, Remembering and Effort

This talk considers how right effort and the calling forth of joy and curiosity cultivates a path of remembering and mindfulness for daily life. Recorded in Holland, September 2012.

Clinging and the Vicissitudes

In this talk, Mary Burns describes how we can have stability of mind even when changes happen in life and we take it personally, thinking things shouldn’t be as they are. We can guard the sense doors and know how to meet with awareness the worldly dhammas of gain and loss, praise and blame, pleasure and pain, fame and disrepute. When we know it, we can meet it in the way that it is, not in the way we thought it should be.

Four Doorways to Speaking and Listening

In this talk, Gregory Kramer describes how to bring listening and speaking into meditation while maintaining the integrity of practice. The four doorways of listening and speaking are: 1) mindful versus habitual speech; 2) relationship; 2) psychotherapy; and, 4) the meditative. Speech comes from and the development of a capacity for the auditory system to perceive. Through the enlightenment factors and the capacity to reside in loving kindness receptivity, meditators share the intimacy of the moment. Recorded in Kansas City, Missouri in May 2011.

Guided Metta Meditation

This meditation guides us through the expansiveness of metta starting from the self and then moving in all directions to all beings, humbling receiving loving kindness.

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