Anita Bermont

Anita guides Insight Dialogue practice both online and in-person. When first encountering ID in the mid-90’s, the practice spoke immediately and strongly to her heart. With this recognition came a deep commitment to participating in the first face-to-face practice group. As the years have gone by, her commitment to the path inspired a return to school, earning a MA in Buddhist Studies. She participates in many of the Insight Dialogue Community teams and practice cohorts and coordinates the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community team. Insight Dialogue gets called her ‘heart song’ practice and it is from this place that the practice is shared.

Events with Anita Bermont

Portland, Oregon
June 6, 2016

This group meets on the first and third Friday of each month, 7:00-8:30pm, and is led by Anita Bermont. Those with prior Insight Dialogue experience are welcome. Our practice together includes a silent sit, contemplation and guided Insight Dialogue practice, group reflections, and metta.

Online Introduction to Insight Dialogue
October 28, 2019

The Online Introduction to Insight Dialogue is an eight-week offering which covers the Insight Dialogue guidelines using Dhamma teachings as a contemplative frame. The program focuses on the core elements of this relational Dhamma practice. Participants will meet for eight consecutive weeks in real-time via ZOOM for 90 minutes. Each…

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