Our Teachers

Elizabeth Faria

Elizabeth Faria (Beth) is an Insight Dialogue Teacher in Training. She co-facilitates retreats in Australia and New Zealand. Over the last 18 years she has had the good fortune to study with and be guided by a variety of Vipassana teachers including Venerable Mahindra, Ajahn Dtun and Sayadaw Vivekananda. It is through her encounters with Gregory Kramer and Insight Dialogue since 2008 that she feels she has found the missing link that has brought the Dhamma to life.

Beth is originally from Brazil, and a descendant of indigenous ancestry. She is the fifth child born of eight children, growing up during the military leadership. From an early age she learned the benefits of working together, the power of sharing, and the importance of right speech.

Beth has been a practicing psychologist and psychotherapist for the last 25 years. She migrated to Australia 16 years ago, after taking a two-year break from work to dedicate time to her meditation practice in the US, India, and Thailand. She completed two years of training in Buddhist Psychotherapy in 2009. Today she lives with her daughter in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Her experience as a mother and as a psychotherapist offers her the opportunity to integrate compassion, loving-kindness and the path of mindful presence into her daily life.

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