Stefan Hanser

Stefan Hanser has been facilitating Insight Dialogue since 2017 in both German and English language. He participates in the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community Coordinating Team. Stefan began meditating in the Vipassana tradition 2004, attending numerous retreats led by students of Ayya Khema. Being introduced to Insight Dialogue in 2017 and having participated in facilitator trainings with Gregory Kramer, the practice has become an integral part of his everyday life. Furthermore, he is passionate about somatics, body work and movement studies with the aspiration to bring mindfulness practice into movement experience. Stefan lives in Berlin, where he co-facilitates a local Insight Dialogue practice group, offers Insight Dialogue introduction courses and daylongs at Bodhicharya.

Events with Stefan Hanser

Berlin, Germany
March 1, 2016

The group meets from 7:30–9:30 pm on the third Thursday of the month. Insight Dialogue practice is offered in German, facilitated by Stefan Hanser and Renate Löseke. Both have attended numerous Insight Dialogue retreats and participate in facilitator cohorts offered by the Insight Dialogue Community. For more information about this…

Aus der Stille, in die Bewegung … ins Leben / From Stillness, into Movement … into Life – Insight Dialogue & Authentic Movement
February 22, 2020

An diesem Praxistag erforschen wir die Kraft und Herausforderung des gemeinsamen Meditierens im Sitzen und in Bewegung. Mit Unterstützung der Meditationsrichtlinien des Einsichtsdialogs erkunden wir achtsam unsere Beziehung zu uns selbst, zu anderen und zu unserer Umwelt. Einsichtsdialog (Insight Dialogue) ist eine zwischenmenschliche Mediationspraxis zur Kultivierung  von Achtsamkeit, Mitgefühl und…

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