All Insight Dialogue Offerings

Seeking the Mustard Seed: Women’s Circle of Compassion

With Janet Surrey

March 3 - 5, 2017
Barre, MA
In traditional Mahayana approaches, the practice of compassion has always been a way to balance the wisdom aspects of the teachings. As women in the West increasingly participate in Buddhist meditation they are redefining the power of meeting suffering with compassion in community. As the Buddha taught in the Mustard…

Dharma Contemplation Retreat

With Bhikkhu Sukhacitto

April 14 - 17, 2017
Barre, MA
The Buddha often said that the Dharma he taught was to be contemplated and practiced. In our contemporary idiom, this means a deep reflection and internalization of the Dharma. In this program, the Dharma Contemplation unfolds in five distinct meditative phases: engagement with the text as simply words; our felt…

Teaching Presence in Relationship

With Phyllis K. Hicks and Florence Meleo-Meyer

May 19 - 27, 2017
Zenderen, the Netherlands
A professional training designed to prepare instructors to teach Interpersonal Mindfulness Teaching Presence in Relationship is a training designed to prepare MBSR & MBCT instructors to teach Interpersonal Mindfulness to graduates of mindfulness-based programs. Awareness, mental stability, and calmness associated with silent meditation are developed in practice with others. Based…

Insight Dialogue Retreat

With Anne Michel

May 24 - 28, 2017
This residential retreat will be led by Anne Michel in French. For more information please visit the Mudita Association website.

True Refuge: The Heart of Wise Action

With Phyllis K. Hicks and Janet Surrey

June 16 - 20, 2017
Chesterfield, NH
In this Insight Dialogue retreat we will take refuge in awareness, wisdom, and spiritual friendship (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha) as sources of wise relationship and compassionate action. In these turbulent and challenging times, we will investigate and practice together the Four Noble Truths and cultivate the fruits of relational practice:…

Relationality As Such: An Insight Dialogue Retreat

With Gregory Kramer

October 20 - 29, 2017
Barre, MA
Registration for this class will open six months before the class begins. Humans are relational beings: biologically, psychologically, and in our practical, lived lives. Human evolution is a story of social adaptations, from our brain structures to our hormonal systems, and human society and culture is the story of our…