Awakening Together: Living Life with Love and Wisdom

With Phyllis K. Hicks and Bart van Melik

August 19 - 25, 2019
Loenen, Netherlands
Insight Dialogue is a whole life meditation practice designed to help us be awake in our everyday lives. Insight Dialogue brings together meditative awareness, the wisdom teachings of the Buddha, and the power of relationship to support insight into the nature, source, and release of human suffering. When we are…

Five Tenets of a Whole Life Path

With Gregory Kramer

October 11 - 20, 2019
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies
The Buddha provided extensive and specific guidance for monastics as to how to live a life inclined towards awakening. Ethics were meticulously spelled out; how to engage with the requisites of food, lodging, robes and medicine was made clear; and community life that supported wisdom, generosity and compassion was variously…

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