Cost for food is 80 Euros. Simple accommodation and teaching on dana base.

Date & Time Details: We start at 6 pm April 27 and end about 2 pm on May 5

Location: Kalyana Mitta Vihara - House of Noble Friendship

Address: 31542 Bad Nenndorf, Hindenburgstrasse 2

Bhante Sukhacitto

Insight Dialogue in daily life – IN GERMAN

With Bhikkhu Sukhacitto

April 27 - May 5, 2019

Insight Dialogue practitioners are invited to spend a week exploring what it really means to live the practice in community, to experience the practice unrestrained by the structure of formal retreats, and to explore ways of bringing continuity of practice into our daily lives as we meditate together while sharing our daily tasks.

Our vision is to provide the freedom to practice with what is familiar, but also the encouragement to practice with the unfamiliar, to venture close to the edge of the precipice, and to share our discoveries new and old. We have lifetimes of experience to share in this community of friends.

The form of this retreat faces directly into the challenge of any type of meditation retreat, silent or dialogic: can the values and practices be carried into the complex relationships and activities that make up our lived lives? Bhante Sukhacitto is a good Insight Dialogue teacher: grounded in the Dhamma, creative, skillful, and sincere. I’m glad he’s using his Dhamma skills and devotion to Insight Dialogue to push the limits of the practice. — Gregory Kramer

This gathering of friends will take place at Bhante Sukhacitto’s Kalyanamitta Vihara, or House of Noble Friendship.

All cooking and house chores are part of the retreat practice.

This is an 8 precept retreat esp. No dinner in the evening.


Bhikkhu Sukhacitto
Bhikkhu Sukhacitto is an Insight Dialogue Teacher. He was born in Germany in 1963 and first came into contact with Buddhism in 1986 in Thailand by attending a meditation retreat, offered through Wat Suan Mokkh. He ordained there as a novice in 1989 and as a monk in 1990. He returned…
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