Date & Time Details: Every Tuesday from 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm EST starting November 13th, 2018 .

Location: On Zoom

Carolynn Barko

Program is fully booked


With Gary Steinberg

November 13, 2018 - November 5, 2019

Program is fully booked

Living the Wings of Awakening is a 12 month study and practice program intended for those who wish to deepen in Dharma practice

So this is what you think of me: ‘The Blessed One, sympathetic, seeking our well-being, teaches the Dhamma out of sympathy.’ Then you should train yourselves — harmoniously, cordially, and without dispute — in the qualities I have pointed out, having known them directly: the four frames of reference, the four right exertions, the four bases of power, the five faculties, the five strengths, the seven factors for Awakening, the noble eightfold path.”— M.103

What is the Program?
Living the Wings of Awakening is a 12‐month study and practice program intended for those who wish to deepen in Dharma practice. It is an invitation to go beyond the beginnings of practice and includes:
1. Teaching, contemplations and exercises that explore the four foundations of mindfulness, four right efforts, four bases of success, five controlling faculties, five mental powers, seven factors of enlightenment, and the eight factors of the Noble Eightfold Path.
2. Weekly Online gatherings with Gary where we will explore together the readings, practice, and everyday life application.
3. Weekly Dyad/Triad opportunities. Participants will be paired and using the ID guidelines encouraged to meet to contemplate the Suttas and their application to everyday life.
4. An optional in-person 3-4 day retreat TBD.
5. Opportunity to meet with Gary one-on-one as desired or on a regular basis.

Who can apply?
People who have been practicing Buddhist meditation for at least two years, practice meditation on a regular basis and have experience with Insight Dialogue guidelines. If you feel you have equivalent experience, please elaborate on your application.
Registration is limited to 12 people.


Course to start the first week of November 2018.

Weekly Meetings: Tuesdays 1:30 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST.

Weekly Dyad practice – as determined by participants.

In Person retreat (optional) – November of 2020.

Download Full Program framework here:

Wings of Awakening Program Framework




Gary Steinberg
Gary Steinberg is an Insight Dialogue Teacher. Over the years he has served many roles within Metta Programs, including Program Director for online offerings, Executive Director, and member of the Teachers’ Council. Gary teaches silent meditation, Insight Dialogue, Dharma Contemplation, and other forms of sutta study. In addition, he has taught…
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