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  • $690.00 – Private Room w/En-Suite Bath
  • $600.00 – Private Room w/Hall Bath
  • $504.00 – Shared Room w/En-Suite Bath
  • $459.00 – Shared Room w/Hall Bath
  • $417.00 – Dorm
  • $294.00 – Commuter

Date & Time Details: Check-in at Wonderwell is between 3-5pm on the day of arrival. The retreat ends at noon on the final day and a light lunch is offered.

Location: Springfield, New Hampshire
Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

Address: 253 Philbrick Hill Rd Springfield NH 03284


Dana: In order to keep pricing as low as possible, teacher fees are not included and are encouraged as "Dana" (generous giving), as each participant is moved to do so at the end of retreat.

Awakening Together: An Insight Dialogue Retreat

With Gregory Kramer and Janet Surrey

October 5 - 8, 2018

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice that brings together meditative awareness (e.g., mindfulness, concentration), the wisdom teachings of the Buddha and the power of relationship to support insight into the nature, causes, and release of human suffering. This residential retreat will introduce the meditation guidelines of Insight Dialogue (Pause, Relax, Open, Attune to Emergence, Listen Deeply, Speak the Truth) and offer an opportunity to explore the possibilities of a fully engaged co-meditation practice, including speaking and listening. While this formal practice is taught on the cushion, it has the power to transform the whole of our relational lives- cultivating relationships grounded in wisdom and compassion.

During this retreat, we will explore the topic of the Four Noble Truths, taught by the Buddha in his first sermon. Through mindful dialogue, we serve as each other’s reminder to awaken to the mind’s great potential for awareness and release, suffering and the end of suffering. To the extent in which we awaken to this experience, insight, clarity, ease, compassion and joy flow into our relationship with others and we come to know a profound spiritual friendship.

If you are interested in exploring how meditation can be enacted in voice, deep listening and connectedness, this retreat is for you. Through an attentive weaving of meditative dialogue practice, Dharma contemplation on the Four Noble Truths, silent meditation, mindful movement, and time in nature, we will deepen the essential meditative qualities that support inquiry into this shared human experience and touch the possibility of awakening together.


Gregory Kramer
Gregory Kramer is the Founding Teacher of Metta Programs and has been teaching Insight Meditation since 1980.  He developed the practice of Insight Dialogue and has been teaching it since 1995, offering retreats in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.  He has studied with esteemed teachers, including Anagarika Dhammadina, Ven.…
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Janet Surrey
Janet Surrey, PhD is an Insight Dialogue Teacher. She teaches Insight Dialogue retreats worldwide and leads a monthly practice group in the Boston area. Jan has been a faculty member of Metta’s Relational Insight Meditation Program and serves on Metta Programs’ Teachers Council. Jan has studied with a number of Vipassana…
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