All Insight Dialogue Offerings

  • $610.00 – ($640 after April 24, 2017). Includes accommodations for 8 nights and 24 meals.

Date & Time Details: Arrival is on Monday, May 22, 2:30 - 4:30pm. Dinner will be served as the first meal. Closing is at noon on Tuesday, May 30. Lunch will be served at noon and will end by 1pm.

Location: Bow, WA

Address: Samish Island Camp, Bow, WA (near Bellingham). For more information, please visit the Cascadia Insight Dialogue website.

Cascadia Retreat Team

Scholarship: Partial scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Scholarships are available to support participation of practitioners-of-color. See Cascadia Retreat website for more details.

Dana: Our teachers do not receive payment. We invite participants to offer "dana" (freewill donation) to the teachers at the end of the retreat to support the teachings.

7th Annual Cascadia Insight Dialogue Retreat

With Gregory Kramer, Mary Burns and Tuere Sala

May 22 - 30, 2017

Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice that brings the mindfulness and tranquility of traditional Buddhist meditation into our interactions with others. Through an attentive weaving of meditative dialogue practice, silent meditation, mindful movement, and time in nature, we will deepen the essential meditative qualities that support inquiry into this shared human experience and touch the possibility of awakening together.

In this year’s retreat, we will investigate the personal as well as societal dimensions of confusion that fuel both our own suffering and suffering in the world. We will include an experiential exploration of how the injustice of our social systems shows up in us, so that we may begin to penetrate the blind spots of our conditioning, notice the experience of privilege and marginalization, and begin to free our hearts from the constrictions and paralysis of inequity and ignorance. Practicing together reveals the incisive moment-by-moment awareness of our fears and biases as well as wholesome intentions. All are held in the compassion of mutual meditation. In our shared silence and dialogue practice we can understand the nature of mind, and cultivate our ability to see things as they actually are. Together, we can discover that our freedom and the freedom of others in our world are inextricably bound up together.

This retreat welcomes both new and seasoned practitioners. It will offer step-by-step instructions in the foundational Insight Dialogue guidelines and lead us towards engaging further contemplations. To support our meditation practice, this retreat will be held in a container of noble silence with time dedicated to meditative dialogue.



Gregory Kramer
Gregory Kramer is the Founding Teacher of Metta Programs and has been teaching Insight Meditation since 1980.  He developed the practice of Insight Dialogue and has been teaching it since 1995, offering retreats in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia.  He has studied with esteemed teachers, including Anagarika Dhammadina, Ven.…
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Mary Burns
Mary Burns, LCSW is an Insight Dialogue Teacher. Mary serves as the Chairperson for Metta Programs Teachers’ Council and as a member of Metta’s Guiding Sangha. She is a faculty member for Metta’s Whole Life Program and Relational Insight Meditation Program. She offers retreats worldwide. Over the years she has…
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Tuere Sala
Tuere Sala is is a guest teacher with Metta Programs and a guiding teacher at Seattle Insight Meditation Society. She is a retired prosecuting attorney who has practiced Vipassana meditation for over 25 years. Tuere believes that urban meditation is the foundation for today’s practitioner’s path to liberation. She is inspired…
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