Location: Loenen, Netherlands

Address: Bosoord
Hoofdweg 109, 7371GE
Loenen, Netherlands

Riët Aarsse and Joyce Curnan
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Dana: We are all in this together. Since the Buddha’s time teachers and communities have depended on each other. Teachers receive no payment. The retreat fee covers your food and lodging and the travel, food and lodging for the teachers and managers. Through this shared practice of dana: giving, we sustain circles of generosity in our world. By financially supporting the teachers in their livelihood and the managers for their efforts you help to sustain these priceless teachings. There will be an opportunity to offer dana at the end of the retreat.

Sharing Insight Dialogue: If you are inspired to share the practice with others in your local communities, from August 14-16, Phyllis will be offering an opportunity to cultivate skills and deepen your understanding of Insight Dialogue.

Engaging Fully and Wisely: An Insight Dialogue Retreat

With Phyllis K. Hicks and Bart van Melik

August 9 - 14, 2020

Insight Dialogue brings the Buddha’s teachings to life relationally in the body and heart as intuitive wisdom. Cultivating awareness of the habitual tensions that maintain suffering and learning new pathways of release establish us freshly in the present moment. Returning to loving presence is a source of strength and recovery in the midst of life’s challenges. It allows us to see clearly and engage wisely personally and socially.

The three bases of Insight Dialogue practice – meditation, wisdom, and relationship – form the foundation and a path for letting go and liberation.

The retreat will be held in Social Silence (Noble Silence) as we explore the power of listening and speaking out of silence. There will be times of silent sitting, mindful movement, and dialogue in groups of two or more with guided contemplations.

This is an opportunity to encounter Insight Dialogue for the first time and for experienced Insight Dialogue practitioners to deepen their practice. The retreat will be taught in English; however, Bart is a native Dutch speaker and will happily assist anyone who would benefit from help with translation. Prior silent meditation experience is required.


Phyllis K. Hicks
Phyllis Hicks teaches Insight Dialogue retreats internationally and chairs the Insight Dialogue Community Teachers’ Council. Phyllis has trained and taught with Gregory Kramer since 2004. She has worked as a psychotherapist for over 30 years, bringing together Eastern and Western understandings of psychology and contemplative practice in a clinical setting.…
Learn more about Phyllis K. Hicks
Bart van Melik
Bart van Melik has been teaching Insight Dialogue and individual silent meditation since 2009, with a specific focus on working with diverse populations. He has studied with Gregory Kramer and the Insight Dialogue Teaching Community since 2007 and is a graduate of the Spirit Rock/Insight Meditation Society’s Teacher Training Program.…
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