Furthering ID practice

We have been exploring how we can dwell in meditative awareness with ourselves and others through Insight Dialogue practice. The guidelines illustrate how through our practice, we can recognize our habitual patterns and discover a different way of relating to ourselves and others. Our practice teaches us that we can Pause, Relax, Open and accept things as they are in the moment. We can  become more aware, and mindful. We learn to Trust and even delight in impermanence as it manifests inwardly and outwardly. We cultivate Listening Deeply to our inner voice and to the voices of others. Recognizing the gift and power of communication, and the importance of Right Speech, we can attune to the moment and Speak the Truth.

As with all traditions, though, we need the means to develop and deepen our practice. Since Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal practice, the experiential level is especially important. Therefore, Metta offers events, retreats, distance-learning programs, and local Insight Dialogue groups. Please go to Programs tab to find details about these.





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