Giving to Metta Programs and Teachers

Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning generosity, and is a Buddhist tradition in
which there is an offering from student to teacher. Teaching the Dharma is inherently an act
of generosity and our teachers offer their time, energy, and wisdom as a gift to their students.
In return, students are invited to support the continuing efforts of Metta Programs and our
teachers by offering Dana.


If you feel moved to support Metta Programs, please make a tax-deductible contribution. All
donations support programs on Insight Dialogue, Dharma Contemplation, Teacher Training
and other offerings on relational dhamma.

To donate to Metta Programs click here.


Our teachers generously volunteer the great majority of their work for developing and teaching
programs. By offering dana directly to the teachers, you are offering support from your own
heart, and helping insure the future viability of these teachings.

To donate to a specific teacher or facilitator click here.

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