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Reading the Dharma Contemplation: Meditating Together with Wisdom Texts or having experienced Dharma Contemplation group practice (online or face-to-face) is all you need to start a group or to introduce this practice into an existing group or class.

Dharma Contemplation is about the text and about cultivating the qualities of meditation. The wisdom that participants encounter is the wisdom of the text, not that of the facilitator. We are not teachers in this practice, even if we introduce Dharma Contemplation in the context of a class we teach or a study group we lead. Rather, we are providing a space, convening participants, sharing the practice, and supporting the quality of the practice.

And the practice itself is intrinsically wholesome. Becoming inwardly quiet, noting the words we respond to in the text, listening to the wisdom of our bodies and emotions, attempting to understand, and engaging mindfully in dialogue with each other—these meditative actions are beneficial in themselves, apart from the message of the text.

Participants grow in understanding; profound teachings come alive within and between people. This happens naturally because of the practice; it is not something the facilitator needs to or even can make happen.

For these reasons, you can have confidence that a Dharma Contemplation practice group will benefit people.  The Dharma Contemplation book offers additional information about:  Planning for a Dharma Contemplation Group, Introducing the Practice and its Phases, Running the Session, Assessing Group Practice As Facilitator

Sample texts for Dharma Contemplation are available to support your groups practice.  We also invite you to explore Metta’s Teachings Library.

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