Our Purpose

Metta Programs offers teachings to support a life that is balanced, wakeful and compassionate. Its central offering is Insight Dialogue, an innovative, structured meditation practice based on a relational understanding of early Buddhist teachings.


Metta Programs offerings are available worldwide through retreats, online programs and via practice communities that are facilitated by teachers trained in relational Dhamma and Insight Dialogue.

Humans are thoroughly relational: by evolution, pack animals; neurologically and hormonally social. So any Dhamma that would tell us about the human experience might do well to include a relational as well as individual perspective. Insight Dialogue is a practice for arriving at this understanding, of “seeing for ourselves” the liberating truths of our humanity.

Metta means loving kindness.  In metta the heart opens unconditionally, encompassing all that is, with acceptance, awareness and good will.  The word ‘metta’ is from the Pali language of the earliest Buddhist texts.  Metta is universal, finding expression in all religions and all societies.