Insight Dialogue Community is a global community dedicated to awakening together. Our vision is for the benefits of relational Dhamma to be shared and made available for the world.

About Insight Dialogue

Insight Dialogue harnesses the power of mutual support and our responsiveness to others in service of clear understanding and release.

About Dharma Contemplation

Dhamma Contemplation is a simple, contemplative practice that enables us to enter into the Buddha’s teachings. It can be practiced individually, yet as a group practice it is singularly powerful at revealing layers of meaning in these profound early texts.

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When I did my first Insight Dialogue retreat, there were two sitting Buddha statues facing each other on the fireplace mantle. At first, I thought the statues were misplaced, but through the retreat I slowly realized that this was the best symbol to represent my experience there.

This reflected symbol is rarely found in Buddhism. Usually it’s a single Buddha, sitting quietly in meditation, alone, calm. Though in that calmness, what if we face another? Are we still calm?

Insight Dialogue showed me a tool to help me take my meditation practice in relationship. To learn how to face another in our shared humanness and open to an emergence that is beyond what either of us could ever do alone.

Kamal Patel

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